4K & HDR

Viewers Will Always Demand a Bigger and Better Experience.

Get in the game without the capital investment

4K? HDR? 1000 nits? The format explosion is just beginning and viewers won’t settle for less than the elusive highest available quality. Now.

Upgrading these services means continual infrastructure investment and mastery of changing complexity to deliver bigger and better content as quickly as viewers can embrace it – and move on to what’s next.

Break the cycle with Deluxe OnDemand managed services. Shift the burden to our purpose-built media management platform, workflows, and experts. All you have to do is decide it's time to upgrade. We do the rest.

Why Deluxe

Our outsourced manage services address the overarching challenges to launch and manage these next generation services: mitigating investment risk in nascent technologies, keeping costs contained, and not disrupting existing services – and do so while providing the highest quality experience.

At Deluxe, we combine purpose-built media management platform with fine-tuned delivery workflows to address the unique requirements for 4K UHD and HDR management, processing, and delivery. We source, transform, and deliver more UHD and HDR content for leading brands including Comcast, DirecTV, Netflix, Samsung, LG Electronics and every major Studio in Hollywood.


Encoders are less than 5% of the workflow requirement

Critical specialization and expertise in 4K UHD and HDR content is required in understanding the relationship between the source materials, file size, quality of output in the transcoding process, and playback experience. The workflow impact is significant and cannot be addressed by simply adding new HEVC encoders. 

  • Ability to work with massive file size and source material that today’s HD VOD back-office are designed to handle;
  • Extensive playback testing to ensure the experience is as intended on each device and associated platform;
  • Support for multiple standards and formats including HDR10, Dolby Vision, or others to ensure unconstrained content availability;
  • Additional layers of control processes for content validation, synchronization, and quality;
  • Bitrate and bandwidth optimization based on today’s HEVC performance and future improvements.

Deluxe addresses the end-to-end workflow components, leverages best practices, and futureproofs you for what is sure to be a protracted period of change.




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