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Profiting from direct-to-consumer.

The skinny on OTT

OTT is accelerating at a daunting pace.  Gone are the days when OTT was defined as any service that by-passed pay TV operators to deliver video direct to consumers.   From pay TV operators unlocking new monetization opportunities with skinny bundles to broadband subscribers; to premium content owners expanding reach and distribution for both authenticated and unauthenticated services; to programmers participating in the emerging world of AppleTV, the opportunity is there.

Eliminate infrastructure investment

Our cloud-based service allows you to focus on managing your content, not infrastructure.

Our scalable VOD workflow handles the critical functions for content acquisition, ingest, high capacity encoding/transcoding, metadata, quality control, protection, packaging, storage and delivery.   All backed by 24x7 NOC, MPAA-security, and SLAs.

As a managed service, we seamlessly integrate with your CMS and apps via APIs.  This eliminates the frustration of being locked into a single vendor solution and gives you maximum flexibility to design the right experience and cost structure for your business.

No limits to any content, anywhere

Our high capacity video ingest and processing capabilities can scale as your business demands.  Titles can be output in over 80 different formats, pre-encrypted in all popular DRMs. 

If you need to expand titles outside of your existing content library, we offer the industry’s largest multiscreen-ready catalog of over 100,000 titles spanning Studio, Premium, and TV.

For regional and global expansion, Deluxe provides extensive localization services including translation in +50 languages, subtitles, dubbing, captions, and censorship.

Protocol support

We understand the distinct protocol requirements for OTT delivery.  We support Apple HLS, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-DASH.  With Google eliminating the browser plug-in, MPEG DASH will become more important.  We’ve invested in MPEG DASH & Common Encryption (CENC) to simplify IP video delivery across Windows IE, Chrome iOS, and Android applications to ensure seamless and consistent video delivery across all browsers.



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