TV Everywhere

Broaden distribution and services.

Authenticated service opportunity

The costs of making tens of thousands of titles immediately accessible to authenticated subscribers pose challenges beyond anything yet encountered in the history of pay TV distribution.

The Deluxe OnDemand OneWorkflow™  VOD management and content supply solutions are designed to meet this market demand with economics that can only be achieved by a managed service approach. 

OneWorkflow assumes the critical capabilities for video processing, protection, authentication and distribution that are essential to delivering an easy-to-use, quality, multiscreen experience to subscribers.  Our solution functions as an extension of our workforce and integrates with your back office system and apps. 

Massive multiscreen-ready content catalog

Our extensive catalog covers 100,000 titles today spanning Studio, premium, and television, with thousands of titles added each month – available for streaming or download.

Support all devices

Give your customers the video experience they want and make your service available on all devices.  Video titles offered by Deluxe OnDemand are pre-encoded to support virtually every fixed and mobile device. The over 80 formats span MPEG2 and MPEG4 STB (set-top box) systems, iOS, Android, PC/Mac, Smart TV, game consoles, and more.  

Critical for TV Everywhere is the ability to support browser-based video viewing – and do so consistently.  We’ve invested in MPEG DASH & Common Encryption (CENC) to simplify IP video delivery across Windows IE, Chrome iOS, and Android applications to ensure seamless video delivery across all browsers.

When a new streaming platform with significant market support comes into play, you can be assured that Deluxe will be equipped to work in the new space without added operational impediments to you. 

Maximize quality of experience

We use video inputs from 50-220 Mbps HD files, which means higher quality compressed VOD encodes for superior viewing experiences across the multiscreen landscape.  By comparison, typically files transcoded for TV Everywhere applications are sourced from supply chains delivering HD content at an average rate of 15 Mbps.  So we can alleviate pain to revamp your supporting ingest and storage infrastructures to accommodate the shift to high-quality master files now mandated by the market.



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