OneWorkflow™ VOD Management

OneWorkflow™ VOD Management

OneWorkflow. Many applications.

Built to scale cloud platform

Our cloud-based platform has been designed to source any content, transform that content to any format, and deliver that content in any way. 

The Deluxe OnDemand OneWorkflow™ solution for both QAM and IP works as an extension of your workforce and leverages your existing investment. 

  • Fast, lower cost approach to expand capacity, support mezzanine workflows, add multiscreen support, and EST
  • Simplifies content acquisition and management
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing content delivery supply chain
  • Massive scalability and expertise with broad device support
  • Future proof for new technologies such as 4KUHD and HDR

The highly scalable VOD workflow handles the critical functions for content acquisition, ingest, high capacity encoding/transcoding, metadata, quality control, packaging, storage and delivery to on-net, off-net or direct to consumer.   All backed by 24x7 NOC, MPAA-security, and SLAs.

Common workflow for STB, OTT, & IPTV

The Deluxe OnDemand OneWorkflow and turnkey content supply solutions simplify content management, processing, and distribution for:

  • Classic VOD
  • High Quality Mezzanine Ingest
  • IP-VOD
  • OTT
  • Apple TV (with support of HLS FairPlay streaming)
  • 4K UHD and HDR

As a managed service, we can easily expand the workflow functionality and reach to address new offerings – without the capital investment.  Get to market faster, with greater ease and efficiency. 

Higher quality output

Color by Deluxe® is synonymous with innovation and quality in the entertainment industry.  Video with the highest quality output can only be created from high quality masters and experience in creating, processing, and storing these source files. Individually encoded ABRs from Deluxe will stream at the highest possible quality, because each one has been encoded from a master file ingested and encoded at a rate of 50 Mbps or higher.


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